Take the stress and strain out of healthy eating!
Combining diet and nutrition with strategy and stress-free implementation, Brittany Henderson has created a program that empowers our clients to take the stress and strain out of healthy eating. For only $97 for 12 months of Whole and Healthy Meal Plans, you can finally stop fighting your cravings, cursing your fork or dreading the grocery store and the scale.    
plan your whole year of whole and Healthy meals for just $97 ($175 Value)
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What is Club Whole and Healthy
Join the Movement of Health
Trying to adjust your diet, or more specifically your lifestyle, alone is almost impossible.  The private Whole and Healthy Meal Plans community is your chance to surround yourself with change and motivated growth.
A plan for every eating style
When you register for Whole and Healthy Meal Plans, you will receive Whole Food based meal plans in 4 variations: Paleo, Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free, and No Restrictions. There's a version for every lifestyle or a simple sub to make it so.
Awesome Food
Your family won't know it's healthy
Healthy food doesn't have to be bland, flavorless or have weird textures.  Brittany has personally designed, tested and modified each recipe to be nutritious and delicious.
Brittany Henderson
Brittany Henderson
Certified Health
Coach and Nutritionist
Meet Brittany Henderson
Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist
Brittany understands that our clients have different needs, starting points, habits and struggles. Through her training with the Natural Healing Institute and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Brittany has developed her practice and beliefs around an idea called, bio-individuality; the idea that no one dietary theory (vegan, paleo, veg, grain free, fruitarian, etc) works for every person. She believe this does not only apply to food.

Through her research and study on human habits, character typing and integrative psychology, her belief in bio-individuality runs deep, expanding to everything in life including: lifestyle choices, best practices, and habit formation. For this reason, you’ll find a variety of recipes, tools, suggestions, product recommendations and more throughout her program.

Brittany's greatest strength is her flexibility and ability to adapt diet, nutrition and behaviors to help her clients create the health shifts they are looking for. With each new accomplishment, you’ll feel motivated and excited to move forward to the next step on your road to health.

"I’ll keep you accountable; introduce you to new ideas, resources, products and recipes; warn you of potential pitfalls and generally help to guide you to the best choices and changes for where you are right now." - Brittany Henderson
Whole and Healthy Meal Plans Include:
  • Meal Planning:  Weekly emails with 4 printable whole food based meal plans and bonus breakfast, snack and lunch ideas.
  •  Shopping Lists: Take the guess work out of your grocery store trip with easy to follow grocery guides accompanying your meal plans each week.
  • Community: Join a Private Facebook Group for Questions, Comments, Customizations, Tips and Tricks.
  • Variety: Choose from four different diets (vegan, paleo, gf/df, whole foods with no restrictions) or mix an match to your hearts delight. You get all 4 plans!
  • Education and Development:  Access to mini trainings, valuable downloadables, mini classes and live videos to help you create a Whole and Healthy Life - Body, Mind and Soul.
  • Success Journal: A free downloadable workbook that will help you track your progress in developing healthy habits spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Support: Certified coaches and nutritionist to help you through your struggles and a community of peers to share ideas and explorations.
  • Fun: A chance to play, experiment and try things you have never tried before.  An adventure to say the least.
  What People Are Saying:
"...I love not having to meal plan"
"Honestly, I love this. I love not having to meal plan, because I hate meal planning. And I love that it’s already gluten free and dairy free and I don’t have to sub a million things."
Jessica C.
"... She sees each client as an individual."
Brittany is special. She really sees each client as an individual. There's no one-size-fits-all with her. It's about MY body, MY mind, MY goals and MY emotions.
Sami B.
"...and the results just kept comming"

Brittany is amazing to work with. Each time I hit a wall, she was able to help me make a slight adjustment to my diet and the results just kept coming.
Kris A.
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